In Pakistan’s society which faces a lack of health care, literacy and other facilities, innumerable basic human needs are frequently neglected. A sleep disorder is one such situation wherein qualified attention is rarely sought and the suffering is endured for years until the onset of other illnesses.

We at the Sleep Research Foundation have one goal – to make sure you wake up feeling better than before. Our aim is to educate you on how to make sure you are sleeping well so that you wake up more focused, energetic and replenished.

We believe that the concept of sound sleep is affected by a number of mitigating factors and in our society people not even come close to noticing , let alone identifying and reaching a remedy for disturbed sleeping cycles . These factors include everything from your posture to ambiance to the right sleeping drugs being administered. We believe that every individual deserves to know how they can improve the most basic, yet fundamental aspect of their lives, sleep.

Our platform will serve as an authority including physicians, specialists, homeopathic doctors, renowned research associations, thought leaders and life style coaches who will bring together all their viable findings onto one platform that would be accessible for people at large to learn more about the dynamics of sound sleeping. All of this will be followed by Research Journals to complement the extensive studies and research that we bring together from all over the world.