The best present this mother’s day: Sleep!

Mother’s day- an opportune time to discuss our mothers’ efforts that they have been putting to make our lives better. They kissed our scraped knees and cheeks before bed, taught us the true meaning of compassion and faith, helped us mend our broken toys and hearts; they have always been there with unconditional love and unwavering strength.

Mothers are the holding pillars of our families and society that truly depict empathy and love in each of their conduct. We all have witnessed these beautiful creatures sacrificing themselves for their children unconditionally during their lifetime. Now in these tough times, they are not just striving for their own families but playing a great role in protecting the society too. They are the ones that are efficiently managing their work, household, children and their schooling, house’s hygiene, and our mental and physical health to make us feel protected and content at all times. They display an incredible show of strength that a homo sapiens can possess.

Research in China showed that women are expected to get more affected by the coronavirus outbreak compared to men. Well, according to the World health organization, about 70% of the women are working as social and healthcare workers, which means they are the ones in the defense lines fighting against corona. Juggling between work, taking care of children, chores and other precautionary measures to keep the family safe during this situation are adding up to their responsibilities. For all the Muslim women the responsibility even increases with Ramadan in the play. Preparing meals for us in the middle of the night and providing us with nutrition filled “aftars” with care and affection has added up to their duties but surged up their spirits too. Mothers do all this without complaining about anything. Only a mother could do so, only she can endure anything for her loved ones without any expectation.

Mothers are the special angels that are focused towards the well-being of their children with the utmost unconditionality. So, plan something special for this fabulous creature in your lives and make her feel as special as she is. Appreciate this beautiful bond of mother and child in the most expressive way. Provide your mothers with well-deserved comfort; especially now when they are all drained with work and other responsibilities. Decorate their room with flowers, make them a comfortable scented bed or set up a special dinner to let them feel that this day truly belongs to them. Mother is not just a relationship but a name of an amazing feeling that can not be interpreted in words. We wish you all super ladies a very happy Mothers day. May you all keep rocking!


How to sleep better during this Lockdown!

There is no defying the fact that life in lockdown is hard and stagnant. Confining ourselves to our homes presented us with great many challenges; several has taken the web to inquire about their health and sleep problems. Internet is swamped with queries related to health and sleep issues.

During these troubled times, health and quality sleep are important more than they were ever before. Quality sleep improves the immune system, contributes towards zeal, builds stamina and these days also support us to sustain through the lockdown. To help you all with your health and sleep issues, we have gathered a few simple yet effective tips from sleep experts. Let’s discuss them.

Manage Stress:

Stress is a major sleep disturber. Certainly, these are troubled times, but try to not get it to your head. We know it’s easier said than done; however, there is a simple technique that proved to be therapeutic in this regard it’s known as “worry buffer”. It’s very simple; just set a specific time for yourself in a quiet place to focus yourself on things that are worrying you in your life. Write them down in a journal and think of the possible solutions to them or ways they can be dealt with. In the end, choose the most suitable option for yourself and focus on it.

Work out:

In the current situation, we need to be more mindful of our fitness and health. Being locked inside and having nothing to do but work, eat, sleep and repeat; we can be susceptible to several health diseases. To keep yourself, healthy, active and productive throughout the day experts of World Health Organization’s recommend to work out for about 30 minutes every day. You can do it indoors or outdoors but don’t forget to maintain the social distance.

Let the light in:

Staying indoors has kept us away from the sunlight. Especially those living in apartment buildings or closed spaces are more prone to developing vitamin D deficiency and sluggishness’. Besides proposing solution to health issues, sunlight light also keeps our body clock synced by suppressing a hormone called melatonin which usually produces in the dark when we prepare ourselves for sleep. So, open up your windows, sit in sunlight for a few minutes, try to work out in light; even on the dull days. Let your body know its day time and indulge it into different activities to make it less inclined towards day sleeping and unnecessary eating.

Maintain or develop a routine and avoid naps:

A sleeping expert told that a good routine is essential to healthy, nourishing sleep as it keeps an individual’s body synced with the 24-hours of the day. While quarantining, do not deviate from your regular home and work routine. Maintain your usual schedule for work, meals, breaks and leisure time. Know quality sleep is a valuable resource; do not squander it with unnecessary naps rather save it for bedtime.

Balanced diet:

We all are indulging ourselves in cooking experiments, and devouring snacks at odd times can have a pervasive effect on our sleeping routine. Eat according to a set schedule, do not take caffeine after 3 pm, and do not eat and smoke before going to bed to enjoy a rejuvenating sleep.

We hope these tips help you in dealing, anxiety, stress, sleep, and health issues during these tough times. Feel free to drop your queries and feedback in the comment section.

Disturbed Sleep and Eating Habits During This Lockdown? Here is How You Can Cope!


Binge-watching, access to unlimited snacks and the refrigerator has promoted us to stress eat our way down through this lockdown. We tend to believe the fact that eating and watching TV relentlessly can bring calamity and solves boredom for us. Well, it does kill the boredom temporarily but has a downside to it too i.e. poor sleep and weight gain.

In times like this when we are striving to make our immunity strong by staying at home, having ample sleep and eating healthy we cannot afford to gain weight and be sleep deprived. Maintaining weight and sleep is as crucial for our lives as it was never before the outbreak of this virus. To keep yourself healthy during this lockdown we have a few tips:

Structure Your Day According to Your Office Routine:

It’s good that many of us still have work to do; courtesy of modern technology. Remote working provides us a great opportunity to keep our routines aligned as they were back in the normal days. It certainly holds the potential to keeps us away from eating like crazy and enervates our mind enough to get a good night’s sleep.

Maintain Sleep Hygiene:

Quality sleep is important to strengthen the immune system. During sleep, the body releases proteins called cytokines. Cytokines help you combat infections, inflammation, and stress. People who sleep for eight to nine hours a day are less likely to catch infections compared to those who sleep for four to five hours. Maintaining good personal and bed hygiene can allow you to have a sound slumber that heals you from inside and improves your immune system. Here are a few little things you can do to sleep better:

  • Take a hot bath before sleeping
  • Use clean sheets. Put some drops of lavender oil on your pillow to sleep better.
  • Use a conforming pillow that provides the right support to your neck and shoulders.
  • Try not to take any caffeine after 3 p.m.
  • Stretching before going to bed also allows you to have quality sleep.

Improve Immune Response System with Sleep:

T-cells a type of lymphocyte, crucial for the immune response system. According to researchers, adequate sleep not only improves the production of t-cells but also aids T-cells in combating against body infections. These cells fight intracellular pathogens such as flu, herpes, cancer cells, etc. making the body disinfect all the viruses itself. At this time when we all are challenged by a pandemic; we need to take care of our immune system by sleeping adequately and eating healthy.

Healthy Dessert:

A healthy dessert is one that certainly increases calories but just psychologically. How can we do it? After eating every meal, wait for about twenty minutes- indulge yourself in doing something such as meditating, watching a show or some other work. After those twenty minutes, you won’t feel the need for a dessert unless you’re super hungry because usually after twenty minutes of a meal your body recognizes that you’re full.

Find an innovative way to manage panic:

Try finding yourself an innovative solution to deal with panic that doesn’t involve any food. Well, you can write a journal, connect with long lost friends, read a nice book and dwell into history (if it interests you), paint, or try DIY-ing at home.

So, during this lock down take care of your sleeping and eating habits to prepare your body to fight against the pathogens naturally. Invest in your health, strength, and prosperity. Develop a healthy routine, discipline yourself in a way that even after beating corona successfully you stay organized.

Disinfect your mattress at home during this Covid-19 Outbreak!

This current virus breakout has got us all conscious about our surroundings. From drawer handles to our comb we are disinfecting every single thing. But aren’t we missing a very important thing here? Yes! You completely forgot about your mattress. We all know, a mattress is not something that can be changed or disinfected regularly. Mattresses are usually a long-term investment. Once we get them, we don’t even think of changing them unless they are completely worn out or develop mites, etc. At this time, good hygiene and a strong immune system are the biggest defense one has got- we just cannot ignore the surface we sleep on.

Your mattress contains a lifetime of your body oil, dead skin and other such material promoting the birth and growth of bacteria, fungi, and mites, etc. Disinfecting your mattresses will not only prevent us you from the deadly virus but also will allow you to sleep better and boost immunity effectively.

Well, there are several companies offering mattress cleaning services, but since we cannot let anybody enter our households, we need to find effective ways to disinfect our mattresses and sofa seats ourselves. Here are a few techniques you can try at home to disinfect your mattress:

Air drying your mattress:

Sun rays are a natural disinfectant. Air drying your mattress can prove to be quite effective for sanitation. Leave your mattress in the sun for four to five hours- UV rays kill the bacteria, fungi, and mold present in the mattress.

Vacuum your mattress:

Vacuuming your mattress is an old yet effective technique. Reach for the mattress cover, attach the upholstery cleaner to your vacuum handle and clean your mattress thoroughly. Make sure of cleaning the mattress sides too. If you own a flip-able mattress I would suggest you clean both the sides of the mattress for ultimate disinfection.

Flip/Rotate the mattress regularly:

To keep your mattress clean at all times, flip or else rotate it often. Flipping/Rotating your mattress frequently will not only enable you to clean both the sides regularly but will also prolong the life of your mattress.

Use baking soda for staining:

If you are living in apartments or you don’t have the space to expose your mattress to the sun, then baking soda is the best thing for you. Baking soda is like a miracle powder. It almost offers the same benefits as that of airing out your mattress. Baking soda absorbs all the moisture, odor and nastiness from the mattress leaving you a new clean mattress.

The process is quite simple and hassle-free. You don’t have to carry your mattress to the roof or some open space to expose it to the sun. Rather just sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda on to your mattress and let it stay on top of it for at least 5 hours. After leaving baking soda for a specific period, vacuum it up for a disinfected mattress.

Mattress Protector:

In case you have been utilizing a mattress for a long time. Even after disinfecting it, you just cannot get a hygienic satisfaction; there is a simple hack to it. Buy yourself a mattress protector treated with anti-microbial properties. Master MoltyFoam, the foam pioneer of Pakistan provides a waterproof hypoallergenic mattress protector preventing you and your mattress from allergens, dust mites, etc. It’s the easiest way to maintain bed hygiene.


9 Simplest Tips to Put Restless Leg Syndrome at Rest!

Restless leg syndrome can be cured with care and diligence towards relieving activities and diet. The RLS symptoms can certainly be cured by identifying and controlling the associated medical conditions such as iron deficiency, diabetes, and peripheral neuropathy, etc. We are about to enlighten you with a few doable and effective tips for Restless leg syndrome:

1.    Add iron supplements or tablets into your routine

Iron deficiency is a serious concern among children and other age groups. 30-50% of anemia and other syndromes such as RLS are caused due to iron deficiency. Individuals having low or low-normal blood tests are recommended iron supplements as the first treatment for RLS. Iron supplements are commonly available at almost every counter. The most familiar side effect is the upset stomach which can be avoided by the use of different types of iron supplements. These supplements can prove to be great for RLS and help minimize it.

2.    Warm baths and massages can also help

Warm baths and massages increase the level of oxytocin and reduce adrenocorticotropin aiding RLS syndrome. It reduces stress and helps the sufferer with sound sleep.

3.    Changing simple mattresses with medically approved ones

A comfortable bed is an absolute necessity for people suffering from RLS syndrome.  Such syndromes and growing chronic pains also motivated Foam companies to come up with innovative yet helpful bedding solutions to aid masses in this regard. This is very why Master MoltyFoam introduces their whole new range of ortho mattresses and accessories. These products are of international standards and are manufactured after a thoughtful process of research and assembling. All the mattresses and accessories By MoltyOrtho are one of their kind and help you get a good amount of sound sleep (telling from experience). They have the best memory ortho mattresses of high quality. I’d suggest you, invest in fine ortho mattresses to put RLS syndrome at rest.

4.    Workout

Active indulgence in physical activities can be beneficial to RLS patients. Work out boosts the production of endorphins within the body of an individual causing an analgesic effect relieving body aches and promote good sleep.

5.    Use Footwrap

Markets are swamped with the footwraps specially designed to help RLS patients. These Footwraps set a little pressure under your foot to put the leg restlessness at ease.

6.    Establish good sleeping hygiene

Fatigue and an unhygienic environment can worsen the symptoms of RLS. Clean, comfortable and pleasant bedding and environment can bring peace to the condition and prevent it from getting any serious.

7.    Avoid caffeine as much as you can

RLS being a sleeping disorder doesn’t go well with the caffeine. So, the RLS patients are often told to cut the caffeine out of the daily routine. The sufferer should try to avoid all the products containing caffeine such as chocolate, coffee, tea, soft drinks

8.    Healthy changes to lifestyle can also bring relief

Healthy changes to the lifestyle can bring relief to mild and moderate RLS symptoms. The change may include decreasing the use of alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine. Maintain a regular sleep pattern, jog and exercise a little before hitting the day, take long warm baths and utilize ice or heating pads in case of pain, restlessness or soreness. Get yourself accessories like memory foam knee pillow, special neck pillow backrest, etc. to keep yourself at ease at all times.

9.    Anti-seizure drugs can also aid

Anti-seizure drugs are the first line of prescription medications for the patients of RLS. Anticonvulsant directly affects the chemicals and nerves of the body contributing to seizures and types of pain. It is widely used around the globe to treat neuropathic pains caused by herpes and shingles etc.

I hope the article would have added value to your knowledge. Comment your queries below and let us know what more do you want us to discuss at this forum.