Indoor plants that purifies air

5 Bedroom plants that help you sleep a therapeutic slumber!

5 Bedroom plants that help you sleep a therapeutic slumber!


The most interesting interior designing trend called biophilic brings the outdoors indoors. Plants have always been a beauty of gardens, some grow in shade and some require sunlight to fully nourish. The biophilic trend brings the garden indoors and provides quite a serene feel to your place whether they are small or spacious. Besides uplifting the whole vibe of the house but numerous health benefits of plants make this idea a great hit. Many of the plants are consider therapeutic and allow the individuals to sleep balmy nourishing sleep.


Yes, jasmine is first on our list for obvious reasons. Jasmine essential oil is often used in aromatherapies and diffusers to provide a good relaxing vibe to our houses. Studies have proved it for a fact that Jasmine’s scent reduces anxiety and improves sleep quality. Jasmine plant can easily be kept indoors near the window pane, on some shelf in the room.

Snake Plant:

This plant is best known for air purification. It removes xylene, trichloroethylene, benzene, formaldehyde, and other such toxic elements from air and makes it pure for breathing. Another amazing thing about the snake plant is that it emits oxygen at night making the oxygen level high in the house which in turn allows you to sleep a therapeutic slumber.


Lavender is known for its relaxation properties. It has the power of drastically controlling the heart rate, blood pressure, stress, and depression. A study conducted by Miami Miller Medicine School, told the magical properties of lavender if used in baby baths in the form of essential oils allows the baby to sleep better, grow healthier, and sharper. Growing lavender indoors can be a little tricky as lavender likes sun and warmth. To nourish them well indoors keep them near a sunny windowsill.

Aloe Vera:

The most known medicinal plant Aloe vera also improves the air quality within your home as it produces oxygen at night. Aloe vera is called succulent as it requires a little amount of water and doesn’t require much of the maintenance. One doesn’t have to worry him/herself to take care of the plant. Aloe vera gel can be used for burns, skincare, and medicinal purposes. To ensure a little, aloe vera healthy keep it in a sunny place.

Golden Pothos:

Golden Pothos, a marble heart-shaped plan generally known as “devil’s ivy”. Like snake plant and peace Lilly, Golden Pothos is also an exceptional air purifier. Because of its unique growing pattern, this specific plant looks best when hanged from a basket. This plant is quite easy to look after. It only requires sunlight and watering two times a week. Beautiful interior and comfortable bedding solutions make your house home. Get the luxury bedding solutions by Master Celeste and pair them with an opulent interior to give a modern and comfortable vibe to your home.

How mattress impacts sleeps and health

3 Ways Your Mattress is Affecting Your Sleep & Health!

3 Ways Your Mattress is Affecting Your Sleep & Health!

You might feel fine in getting any surface offering softer feel and bounce. But do you know how mattresses profoundly affect your sleep and overall health? We all deserve a sound refreshing sleep after a long tiring working day. None of us can deny the revitalizing feel of deep sleep. Several pieces of research have proved that sleep has the power of regenerating our bodies. For this and several other alignment reasons, one shouldn’t compromise on the quality of the mattress.

Reduces anxiety and stress:

A comfortable and supportive mattress helps with sleep quality, stress, and anxiety. However, snoozing on an uncomfortable and old mattress doesn’t let you enjoy good sleep slumber leading you to serious repercussions. Continuous bad sleep sets in confusion and anxiety in the mind. Prolonged sleep disturbances and its side-effects can gain the shape of serious depression and psychological conditions.

The right mattress helps with aches:

The right mattress offer can greatly help with the body aches and spine alignment. Low-quality mattresses with upward resistance defy gravity causing body misalignment from pressure points. As a result, to this, you feel sore and heavy on your shoulders and other joints. Sleeping on a lousy mattress eventually develop lower back pain, neck pain, and hip pain. An appropriate mattress that fits your body needs offers ample support to the lumbar region, shoulders, and neck. It supports the natural curvature of the spine and helps in removing the backaches. A good mattress also lifts the pressure off your bones providing you relief from other body aches.

In Pakistan, every other person is suffering from back, neck shoulder, and other chronic pains. We do not realize it but it is usually because of the wrong, low quality, or a less supportive mattress. If you are finding the best mattress in Pakistan then you need to check out Master MoltyFoam’s collection. They are the American Orthopedic Association approved mattresses of international standards that are bound to deliver the comfort one needs in life.

A quality mattress reduces health hazards:

Every quality mattress goes through a microbial treatment to prevent users from health-hazardous things such as bacteria, fungi, mites, etc. Imagine thousands and thousands of the mites instigating into your mattress feeding and growing on your dead skin, body oils, and other dust particles. Your sumptuous mattress is their playground. Do you know these very dust mites are the root cause of asthma and skin diseases? Old people, kids, or individuals with week immune systems are more prone to be attacked by these germs. So, one must endure a microbial treated mattress that can resist these germs and allow you to sleep soundly.

Pakistan’s most famous and known microbial treated and quality mattress producer Master MoltyFoam treats each one of its mattresses, foam accessories and other products to prevent the masses from the diseases caused by sleeping on a wrong mattress. They have also introduced their e-store to make access easier. Now you can buy the best mattress in Pakistan with just one click. Or you can avail of MoltyFoam’s door to door service to bring the shop home. Just book an appointment using the link. Our representative will bring the whole wide variety of MoltyFoam to your home through their mobile shop service.

The best present this mother’s day: Sleep!

Mother’s day- an opportune time to discuss our mothers’ efforts that they have been putting to make our lives better. They kissed our scraped knees and cheeks before bed, taught us the true meaning of compassion and faith, helped us mend our broken toys and hearts; they have always been there with unconditional love and unwavering strength.

Mothers are the holding pillars of our families and society that truly depict empathy and love in each of their conduct. We all have witnessed these beautiful creatures sacrificing themselves for their children unconditionally during their lifetime. Now in these tough times, they are not just striving for their own families but playing a great role in protecting the society too. They are the ones that are efficiently managing their work, household, children and their schooling, house’s hygiene, and our mental and physical health to make us feel protected and content at all times. They display an incredible show of strength that a homo sapiens can possess.

Research in China showed that women are expected to get more affected by the coronavirus outbreak compared to men. Well, according to the World health organization, about 70% of the women are working as social and healthcare workers, which means they are the ones in the defense lines fighting against corona. Juggling between work, taking care of children, chores and other precautionary measures to keep the family safe during this situation are adding up to their responsibilities. For all the Muslim women the responsibility even increases with Ramadan in the play. Preparing meals for us in the middle of the night and providing us with nutrition filled “aftars” with care and affection has added up to their duties but surged up their spirits too. Mothers do all this without complaining about anything. Only a mother could do so, only she can endure anything for her loved ones without any expectation.

Mothers are the special angels that are focused towards the well-being of their children with the utmost unconditionality. So, plan something special for this fabulous creature in your lives and make her feel as special as she is. Appreciate this beautiful bond of mother and child in the most expressive way. Provide your mothers with well-deserved comfort; especially now when they are all drained with work and other responsibilities. Decorate their room with flowers, make them a comfortable scented bed or set up a special dinner to let them feel that this day truly belongs to them. Mother is not just a relationship but a name of an amazing feeling that can not be interpreted in words. We wish you all super ladies a very happy Mothers day. May you all keep rocking!


Improve your Sleep – A guide to healthy sleep Habit

Improve your Sleep – A guide to healthy sleep Habit

WHAT makes you sleep:

Human brain and body functions stay active in working activities. Sleep is divided into two basic types: rapid eye movement (REM) sleep and non-REM. A hormone called melatonin is the substance in human body that enables muscles to rest state and body sleep. Factors that also influenced need for sleep is production of hormones in immune system called cytokines. Cytokines are designed to assist the immune system to protect body from certain diseases, infections and chronic inflammation.

How sleeping effects your body                          

  • Memory

Research suggest having proper sleep positively impact on learning and memory. Person with complete sleep hours can have good focus, attention and learn efficiently. Having proper sleep also play vital role in consolidation of memory, which also play important role in learning and adapt new information.

  • Heart

For a good health, sleep is vital. People who do not sleep regardless of people who do not eat enough, obesity, smoking, and without workout practices, are at greater danger for cardiovascular disease and coronary heart disease. In order to prevent from such dangerous diseases, it is essential to get enough excellent quality sleep.

  • Muscles

To maintain a good body weight and exercise are essential. However, years of studies have also proved a powerful link between insufficient sleep and overweight. Muscles are essential part of body functions, which need appropriate time of sleep. Having a good and full sleep helps muscles to work actively. Sleep also play vital role in improving brain related activities. Insufficient sleeps leads to imbalance of hormones. As a consequence, sleepy individuals tend to feel hungry and eat more energy than well-rested individuals. Indeed, imaging studies indicate that their bodies react differently to unhealthy ingredients when individuals are deprived of sleep. It is also recognized that not sleeping enough lowers a person’s metabolic rate and affects insulin in body.

How sleep Disrupts

Many factors can prevent a good night’s sleep.

  • Nicotine is another stimulant that can keep you awake. Nicotine also leads to more active than normal sleep, and heavy smokers tend to wake up too early because of nicotine withdrawal. Many medicines taken to relieve headaches contain caffeine
  • People who have chronic asthma or bronchitis also have more problems falling asleep and staying asleep than healthy people.
  • Vigorous exercise just before bedtime can make it harder to fall asleep.

Common Sleep Disorders

A number of sleep disorders can disrupt your sleep quality and make you overly sleepy during the day,     even if you spent enough time in bed to be well rested. The three most common sleep disorders are insomnia, sleep apnea, restless legs syndrome.


Insomnia is described as getting difficulty sleeping or sleeping, or as getting unrefreshed sleep despite getting sufficient chance to sleep. Life is packed with occurrences that sometimes trigger insomnia. Such insomnia related issues are prevalent and often caused by circumstances such as workplace stress, family pressure or a traumatic event

Insomnia often creates issues during the day, such as severe sleepiness, tiredness, absence of energy, concentration trouble, mood swings and irritability.

Sleep Apnea

During sleep process breathing ends shortly or becomes very short during sleep in individuals who have sleep apnea (also called sleep-disordered breathing). This shift is triggered by continuous blockage of the upper airways, generally when the soft tissue in the rear of throat breaks and fills the airways partly or entirely.

Each breathing break typically takes 10–120 seconds and can happen 20–30 times or more each in during sleeping hour. If you have sleep apnea, insufficient air can pass into lungs through mouth and nostrils during sleep, that leads to deficiency of oxygen and in the end brain reacts by wakening the person up.

Restless Legs Syndrome

Restless leg syndrome (RLS) creates uncomfortable prickling or pain in the feet, particularly in the calves, which is eased by massaging them. People with RLS feel the need to stretch or exercise to get rid of painful situation.

As a consequence, falling asleep and staying asleep can be hard. It may affect one or both feet. Some individuals feel the feelings in their hands as well. These feelings can also happen when lying down or seated at a desk, and driving in a vehicle.

Find a sleep specialist for your checkup

Researchers have learned a lot about sleep and sleep disorders in recent years. That knowledge has led to a better understanding of the importance of sleep to our lives and our health. For more information regarding sleep issues please visit Sleep research foundation and meet our experts.